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"Bull Riding on Freeport's" Nautical Mile"

by Dorianna Valerio | July 30, 2013


South Beach meets Texas on Tuesday nights in Freeport --  that's when Tropix Bar and Restaurant rolls out the star of its weekly country theme night this summer: a jerking mechanical bull.  "It's really fun -- I lasted maybe five seconds," says Sarah Gochez, 22, of Freeport, there last Tuesday for the second time this summer with a couple of friends. On that night, more than two dozen people, some in cowboy garb, trickle over to try their hand on the bull, which has inflatable horns and a leather saddle.


The western-themed event isn't at all what you'd expect to find at this Nautical Mile bar and restaurant, which has outdoor seating amid palm trees and tropical drinks aplenty. The bull lends an "authentic southern feel," says Kevin Inkles, one of the managers.  Jason Rodriguez of Hempstead hops on and holds on tightly to a small tug-rope on the bull's back. After a few rotations, the bull hurls forward, sending Rodriguez tumbling down onto the inflatable pit.


"You have to hold on and have strong leg muscles," Rodriguez, 25, says with a smile. As the night grows darker, a DJ spinning country music draws a crowd of line dancers to the outdoor stage to practice under the watch of an instructor. Still, the mechanical bull is clearly the main attraction. While groups of friends encourage each other to try the bull just for fun, others are out for bragging rights.


"I wanted the challenge of staying on the bull the longest," says Patti Morris, 45, of Freeport. The night's early top record is a 41-second ride. Morris climbs on top of the bull and within seconds, it's tilting and dipping at high speeds. She nearly topples over a few times, but manages to straighten back up. Before long, the bull tosses her into the pit. Says Morris, "I only lasted 40 seconds."


Dan's Papers
"DId you know you can rent a mechanical bull for a party in the Hamptons?"

by David Rattiner | May 3, 2013


I thought I’d seen every party amenity known to man in the Hamptons, but here’s a new one that sounds like a good time. A service on the East End is now offering mechanical bull rentals for parties and it sounds hilarious.


I always thought mechanical bulls only existed in the South. Embarrassingly, I’ve never even seen one in person! But now that I know about this company called, I’m dying to throw a party. The company can even rent to nightclubs and restaurants out here.


Can you imagine the East Hampton or Southampton supervisor on one of these things? Or perhaps a fancy Hamptons fundraiser having a mechanical bull?


Check out, they are making a push for the East End.


Fox and Friends Segment
"Rodeo Girls (A&E Networks TV Show) demonstrate how to Lasso and Ride..."

Hosted by Fox and Friends | December 8, 2013


We had the pleasure of working with A&E Networks and Fox and Friends as they hosted Darcy LaPier and Marvel Murphy; two stars from the new A&E TV Show, Rodeo Girls. 


Marvel taught us how to lasso and Darcy taught us the skills and techniques of riding horses.  They were a lot of fun to work with and wish them luck with their new show, Rodeo Girls!


CLICK HERE to see the video on the Fox News website.


Billy on the Street Segment
"Mehanical Bullock with Rachel Dratch..."

Hosted by Funny or Die's - Billy on the Street | April 25, 2014


We had the pleasure of working with Funny or Die Network and Billy on the Street.  Rachel Dratch returns to Billy on the Street, making her the show's only three season celebrity guest! You've seen her compete in "Name Twenty White People" and "The Julia Roberts Obstacle Course," but can she handle "The Mechanical Bullock?"


CLICK HERE to see the video on YouTube