What are the Requirements?



We want your event to be one of great success for you, and one that your customers will enjoy and remember for a long time after, in order to achieve this, listed below are a number of suggestions and a list of requirements to ensure the best show possible:

1. We require a flat clean dry space fee from any sharp objects 20’ x 20’ with a ceiling height of 10’
2. We require an electrical power supply which has 20 amps at 110 volts single phase within 25 feet of where the ride will be situated.
3. If the event is in a night club or bar we will require a minimum of one security personnel
4. If the event is in your yard please ensure that there are no underground services i.e. Water, gas, telephone, security or electric mains cables under where the ride is situated. We may need to push anchor bars in to the ground to secure the ride and cannot be held responsible for any damage to underground services whatsoever.
5. All participants take part entirely at their own risk; it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests/patrons are fully aware of this.
6. The hirer is responsible for any damage done to the hired equipment whilst in their possession/location
7. The hirer agrees to indemnify the artist, company and their employees against any injury or damage caused to person or persons whilst the equipment/activity is at their premises /location
8. If the event is outdoors we reserve the right to close down the event if our operators are of the opinion that is unsafe to continue for any reason whatsoever; the operator’s decision is ALWAYS FINAL.


Is American Bull Rentals permitted to operate in public venues in New York State?

The answer is YES!  The New York State Department of Labor - Division of Safety and Health requires a safety inspection and permit for all amusement companies who wish to operate their equipment in public venues. We are proud to say that all of our equipment is inspected annually and are permitted to operate.

The speed of the bull is decided upon by the rider.  Every rider has a different appetite for how slow/fast they would like to go and we are ready to accommodate any level of difficulty.  We can have the bull move at a very novice pace; for other people who feel more comfortable, we can have the bull run in "Cowboy" mode which will surely provide a wild experience for the rider.


How Fast Does the Bull Spin/Buck?

How Does Insurance Work?


We hold a 2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy plus an Additional 1,000,000 of Umbrella Coverage.  We can add you as an 'Additional Insured' for your event, please speak to us about how to make this happen.